New Moon

July 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

drawing/comic by kris-wilson on deviant art. all credit goes to him.

drawing/comic by kris-wilson on deviant art. all credit goes to him.

Well, this whole post isn’t going to be about ‘New Moon’ … I just wanted to say some things about it….First off, in my view, I think ‘New Moon’ is going to better than ‘Twilight.’ Just from the couple of sneak peeks and whatnot. Hopefully it is better….I liked Twilight, but it could’ve been better (much better) – Then everyone was getting all hyped up about it, as if they’re lives revolved around this fantasy world. Now, I love the books (New Moon was not my favorite btw), but I’m not obsessed with them. :\

Anyway, enough about that. I was just rambling a little bit. On another note, I’ve just started a new drawing…..It’s going to epically suck right now, as my tablet is still giving me issues out of nowhere….the stupid eraser isn’t even working for some reason….and I’ve done everything I could, besides buying a new tablet or pen, to fix the thing. Oh well. I’ll just have to wait for Christmas.

On the plus side, my gummy bears should be getting here tomorrow (Monday)! I just picture how many days it’s going to take me to eat one. – I’m saving the other two in their plastic cases.. [:

What else? Oh, I’m still growing out my hair…not much there…..I just miss my long hair, even though I didn’t have a straightener back then so that wasn’t exactly a good thing….:C  But I have one now! So once my hair is long again, it should look much better. – And the bangs are growing out too…short bangs are apparently not my thing…..Crap, I have to stop rambling on and on about little pointless things. So I think I should stop now. Good night!


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