Buon pomeriggio! … lol, wut?

July 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

photo by ovidiupop. all credit goes to him

photo by ovidiupop on deviantart. all credit goes to him.


Italian: Buon Pomeriggio!

English: Good Afternoon!


So, how is everyone’s day going so far? Well, mine there really isn’t much to it. So far, I have woken up, taken a shower, took a Dailybooth photo, and started this post. That’s it. – I woke up about 40 minutes ago. (:

I guess that was the side effect of last night’s “insomnia situation.” But it’s all better now. I managed to fall asleep and apparently got plenty of rest…

Right now my dog is chewing on a water bottle…..hmmmm…

Anyway, yeah, today seems like it’ll be a good day, but kind of boring. Does that make sense? I might do something for deviantart. – like a drawing, but I’m still not sure if i want to. Here’s the thing, I’ve been wanting to do a digital painting or drawing or doodle of some kind but my tablet is being a jerk. It’s technically not his (yes, I just said his instead of it’s, because “it’s” sounded weird to me) fault. The tablet is just a tad to small for my liking. I was dumb and I wanted a tablet so I just had to order the small – it was all Icould afford at the time. But yeah, I need a new tablet.

So, I’m looking at tablets on Wacom’s website….and I decided to click on the intuos instead of bamboo fun this time. And I have got to say that I NEED it! lol. They’re a little to expensive for my budget, so maybe I’ll ask for one for Christmas. WHOO!

I’m getting of now, dinner is going to be done soon. (And I haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch, lol). Bye!


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