Saying “Hi” to the world!

July 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

Is it just me, or has anyone else had the urge to go buy a goldfish and name it Fluffy? Maybe you’ve done it before. Who knows? I’m not you! lol

Anyways, let’s get off the random question/statement above, haha. Yeah, so this is my first blog post, and I really have no clue what to talk about. Um…for starters, I’m on youtube. (go to the links page for the link). I make random videos. (: There are other sites I’m on, but I’m not going to list them here…..just go to the links page…

On another note…I am now watching “World’s Dumbest” on tv. It’s pretty funny how dumb these people can be. I never really thought there was such a level of dumb-ness(?)….lol.

God, I seem so plain in this entry. Sorry for that. I really don’t mean to be so boring right now. I’m just in a weird blah mood… :/

My next entry should be less boring! So, yeah, stick around. lol. Soooooo…yeah. Toodles! :D


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