New Moon

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drawing/comic by kris-wilson on deviant art. all credit goes to him.

drawing/comic by kris-wilson on deviant art. all credit goes to him.

Well, this whole post isn’t going to be about ‘New Moon’ … I just wanted to say some things about it….First off, in my view, I think ‘New Moon’ is going to better than ‘Twilight.’ Just from the couple of sneak peeks and whatnot. Hopefully it is better….I liked Twilight, but it could’ve been better (much better) – Then everyone was getting all hyped up about it, as if they’re lives revolved around this fantasy world. Now, I love the books (New Moon was not my favorite btw), but I’m not obsessed with them. :\

Anyway, enough about that. I was just rambling a little bit. On another note, I’ve just started a new drawing…..It’s going to epically suck right now, as my tablet is still giving me issues out of nowhere….the stupid eraser isn’t even working for some reason….and I’ve done everything I could, besides buying a new tablet or pen, to fix the thing. Oh well. I’ll just have to wait for Christmas.

On the plus side, my gummy bears should be getting here tomorrow (Monday)! I just picture how many days it’s going to take me to eat one. – I’m saving the other two in their plastic cases.. [:

What else? Oh, I’m still growing out my hair…not much there…..I just miss my long hair, even though I didn’t have a straightener back then so that wasn’t exactly a good thing….:C ┬áBut I have one now! So once my hair is long again, it should look much better. – And the bangs are growing out too…short bangs are apparently not my thing…..Crap, I have to stop rambling on and on about little pointless things. So I think I should stop now. Good night!


Buon pomeriggio! … lol, wut?

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photo by ovidiupop. all credit goes to him

photo by ovidiupop on deviantart. all credit goes to him.


Italian: Buon Pomeriggio!

English: Good Afternoon!


So, how is everyone’s day going so far? Well, mine there really isn’t much to it. So far, I have woken up, taken a shower, took a Dailybooth photo, and started this post. That’s it. – I woke up about 40 minutes ago. (:

I guess that was the side effect of last night’s “insomnia situation.” But it’s all better now. I managed to fall asleep and apparently got plenty of rest…

Right now my dog is chewing on a water bottle…..hmmmm…

Anyway, yeah, today seems like it’ll be a good day, but kind of boring. Does that make sense? I might do something for deviantart. – like a drawing, but I’m still not sure if i want to. Here’s the thing, I’ve been wanting to do a digital painting or drawing or doodle of some kind but my tablet is being a jerk. It’s technically not his (yes, I just said his instead of it’s, because “it’s” sounded weird to me) fault. The tablet is just a tad to small for my liking. I was dumb and I wanted a tablet so I just had to order the small – it was all Icould afford at the time. But yeah, I need a new tablet.

So, I’m looking at tablets on Wacom’s website….and I decided to click on the intuos instead of bamboo fun this time. And I have got to say that I NEED it! lol. They’re a little to expensive for my budget, so maybe I’ll ask for one for Christmas. WHOO!

I’m getting of now, dinner is going to be done soon. (And I haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch, lol). Bye!

I’m tired, but my body won’t let me sleep.

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photo by byluluka on deviantart

photo by byluluka on deviantart. all credit goes to her.

Insomnia [in-som-nee-uh]

[n] noun-

inability to obtain sufficient sleep, esp. when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness


yes yes, i can’t sleep.

i’ve been plagued with an old friend(?) of mine called “insomnia.”

it’s not that uncommon with me though.

last night i went to sleep at 6:30 am.

i tried to go to sleep around 2:30, so it’s been a little over an hour and no luck. ):

i’m tired, but my body won’t let me sleep.

why am i writing in this weird one line then skip another line format?

did that last question even make sense?

my mind is running at 100 mph right now.

that’s really not a good thing for this time of day/night.

My eyes are heavy and have a burning sensation, but they refuse to close.

will this ever end?



I would like one order of Randomness…

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vector by raven8t8 on deviantart (:

vector by raven8t8 on deviantart. all credit goes to him (:

Wow, just wow. That was seriously one fired up episode. I mean, Joseph (contestant) has serious anger management. I really just wanted to go into the screen and punch him or something. He’s completely ungrateful and in my view, since he was once in the marine corps, I think he was kicked out. But yeah, the frickin episode ended up being one of the cut of at the best moment in the show and say “to be continued.” /skullbash/

ANYWAYZZZ! I’m still in my continuously hyper mood! yep-yep-yeppers. Oh! I went to the dentist a few days ago and I was there for I think 3 hours (my memory is a little rusty… o___0)

But yeah, it was horrible. Well, not horrible, but it just sucked to be there. Hopefully you know what I’m talking about. But it was still kind of funny as my mouth was numb. I felt like the whole right side of my mouth was down to my neck and I felt all self-conscious walking out of that place. I was covering my mouth like, don’t stare. – And of course, everyone tends to stare at you when you leave the dang place. blehhh…

But I’m watching Spongebob right now. I watched a partial episode earlier because it made me feel like a little kid again and I decided to do it again about 15 minutes ago. A new episode is on….the one where Spongebob is looking for a super rare Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy card (THAT TALKS! OOOOOOHH XD) – plus, there’s only 5 in existance! O.o

Browsing dA can be somewhat boring but usually you’ll find something really amazing. – It’s happened to me tons of times.

Haha, turns out Patrick had all 5 of the super rare card that Spongebob was being all protective over. LOL

Oh yeah, does anyone else have that EA Sports Active “game?” I just got it last week, and it’s AHMAZINGGGGG! Honeslty, I HATE working out, but this is just addicting.


Do you know what a chalupa is?

Hmmmm…not sure you do.

Get this, it is a SMALL BOAT! el-oh-el

No joke. a chalupa is a small boat and a food.

But I’m getting off now, this seems to be a little long so I’m going to end it in its tracks.



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this is by miss-deathwish on all credit goes to her (:

"this is by miss-deathwish on all credit goes to her (:"

SAWEEET! Hell’s Kitchen is on! -jumps up and down and screams like an obsessed fan girl- LOL

Finally! I’ve been waiting for Hell’s Kitchen to start. It’s honestly one of my favorite shows EVA! And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m in a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better mood. I’m like strangely hyper right now. O.o

But yeah, back to Hell’s Kitchen. I have it on pause right now ’cause I don’t want to miss anything and I just couldn’t help myself to start babbling on and on about it. te he!

Anyway, I really want to update my dailybooth right now, but i look THUPERRRR CRAPPY. and i am not exaggerating one bit.

Anyway, i’m bored. LIKE MUCHO! haha, really, I’m just waiting for my parents so we can watch HK. And I’m not too patient right now so they NEED TO HURRY IT UP….. ):

Gah, I’m getting off now….. ADIOS! :D

Saying “Hi” to the world!

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Is it just me, or has anyone else had the urge to go buy a goldfish and name it Fluffy? Maybe you’ve done it before. Who knows? I’m not you! lol

Anyways, let’s get off the random question/statement above, haha. Yeah, so this is my first blog post, and I really have no clue what to talk about. Um…for starters, I’m on youtube. (go to the links page for the link). I make random videos. (: There are other sites I’m on, but I’m not going to list them here…..just go to the links page…

On another note…I am now watching “World’s Dumbest” on tv. It’s pretty funny how dumb these people can be. I never really thought there was such a level of dumb-ness(?)….lol.

God, I seem so plain in this entry. Sorry for that. I really don’t mean to be so boring right now. I’m just in a weird blah mood… :/

My next entry should be less boring! So, yeah, stick around. lol. Soooooo…yeah. Toodles! :D

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